Lafarge: Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project with a positive environmental decision

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  • The Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project, which aims to capture 100 percent of CO2 emissions in Kujawy Cement Plant, enters the next stage.
  • In June, Lafarge (Holcim Group) received an environmental decision and signed an agreement with Protech Sp. z o. o. from Włocławek for the preparation of a construction project for a CO2 capture installation.
  • Thanks to the use of CCS technology and emission capture, the plant will produce one of the most ecological cements on the domestic and European markets.
  • The Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project is the first enterprise in the field of using CCS on an industrial scale in Poland.

On June 13. 2023, the mayor of Barcin (City in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship) issued a positive environmental decision for the Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project, after obtaining the opinion of the competent environmental protection authorities. The decision confirms the design solutions for the construction and operation plan of the installation in accordance with environmental standards.

“We reached another milestone in the implementation process of CCS technology in Cementownia Kujawy is behind us”, says Jolanta Zdunowska, Carbon Capture and Storage Projects Technical Director at Lafarge Polska. – “Obtaining a decision is necessary to apply for a building permit. We plan to complete all the formalities needed to start construction by the end of the first half of 2024. We anticipate launching the carbon dioxide capture installation at the Kujawy Cement Plant in 2027”,  adds Zdunowska.

In June, Lafarge also chose Protech Sp. z o. o. from Włocławek to prepare a construction project for a CO2 capture installation. Protech specializes in the implementation of multi-branch projects for heavy industry. The CO2 capture installation at Kujawy Cement Plant will be a complex of facilities on the premises of the plant. The task of the selected company will be to prepare the documentation that is essential for the application for a building permit for the installation of CO2 capture from the exhaust gases of the clinker kiln, its liquefaction and loading onto wagons and the accompanying infrastructure.

The Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project sets standards in industrial innovations supporting decarbonisation of the EU economy. It is also a milestone in the decarbonisation of the construction chain and allows replicating the technology in other industries. The project is co-financed by the EU Innovation Fund.


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