About Holcim in Poland

Holcim in Poland

Holcim is a leader in innovative and sustainable construction materials.  It provides comprehensive solutions for eco-construction that help build safer, faster, and more efficiently. Solutions of Holcim include low-carbon cements and concretes with up to 50% lower carbon footprint than standard materials. The company uses recycled ingredients and raw materials in their production. Its portfolio also includes a range of solutions for sustainable construction, from recycled insulation materials to flooring systems that reduce energy consumption in buildings, and consequently their carbon footprint. This approach supports the conservation of natural resources and circular economy.

The holcim and Holcim Group strategy responds to climate and environmental challenges

Holcim in Poland belongs to the Holcim Group, which is the first company in the cement sector in the world to sign the Net-Zero Pledge. According to the pledge, the Group will reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2030 compared to 2018. In Poland, Holcim's ambition is to reduce emission levels by 55% compared to 1990. Holcim intends to achieve this goal by decarbonising the value chain, i.e. all processes related to the company's operations. In this way, Holcim minimises its impact on the environment and protects the communities, and by introducing low-carbon solutions, it supports the development of a sustainable construction industry in Poland.

Energy and Climate

Reducing CO2 emissions in cement


less emissions per tonne of cement compared to 1990 (350 kg CO2/tc)

Renewable energy sources


green energy

Circular Economy

Safe waste treatment

2.2 million

tonnes of non-recyclable waste used as alternative fuels and raw materials for cement production

Conserving natural resources

1.7 million

tonnes of by-product waste from other industries used as a raw material for cement production

1 million

tonnes of aggregates from recycled materials


Conserving water resources

Wastewater retention projects at all mines and aggregate plants

Maximising the proportion of recycled water use and reducing fresh water use by 15%

Land restoration

Ongoing restoration of all post-mining sites and biodiversity management plans at all mines

Good workplace

Conserving water resources

Zero accidents

We strive to eliminate accidents among employees, subcontractors and communities – always and everywhere

Community development

30% of employees involved in volunteering projects

1,000,000 beneficiaries supported

100 community engagement projects implemented annually by the Holcim Foundation

The Go4ECOPlanet project at the Kujawy Cement Plant as a part of holcim's green strategy

Climate challenges require innovative solutions. Existing technologies are no longer sufficient, while new technologies must be consistent with the principles of social wellbeing and sustainable growth, taking into account the key values of the green construction industry, such as: progress, local communities, the planet, and wellbeing. The Kujawy Go4ECOPlanet project, which involves capturing carbon dioxide generated during cement production, is part of the company's green strategy and supports its overarching goal of reducing CO2 emissions. With the completion of the project, the Kujawy Cement Plant will become the first zero-emission cement plant in Europe in 2027.